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Unusual and Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Unusual and Unique Wedding Entertainment

Whilst certain traditions for a wedding tend to remain very similar there are specific areas where you can make your own mark on the day and express your own unique personality. One area where you can really make a change felt is with your entertainment.

Believe it or not, but some couples spend more on the invitations than they do on the evening entertainment! Whilst we agree that invitations are important, they do not really have the ability to make or break the day. Unique wedding entertainment can. And, that is just how important the entertainment can be! Think about the last wedding you went to… can you remember the whole meal or the favours? Or, can you remember having a dance to some classic tunes with all your friends?

But what can be done to make the entertainment unique and unusual?

Unique Musical Ideas

Light it Up! LED Band

Illuminate – LED Band

Well, we all know how important music is to a wedding. From the initial aisle walk to the last dance of the night, music is woven through all aspects of the day. At the very least a couple will have a DJ perform and these days more are opting for a live wedding band.

Your choice of band or the music your DJ plays can be a great starting point to expressing yourself and adding some quirky uniqueness to your special day. If you are a rock chick or a biker dude then why not ask the DJ to play tunes from your favourite heavy metal bands? Or, if you’re an indie fan hire a band that play predominately indie music. Or, if you are having a boho wedding or paying homage to a style of days gone by you could always have a look at a Charleston band or a jazz band.

Crazy Music Idea – Illuminate!

Illuminate – LED Band are a combination or the UK’s top musicians using custom designed light up instruments and performing alongside their DJ, they bring all the energy of a live band – but with the almost unlimited playlist of a DJ. Find out more here >>

Unusual Walkabout Acts

Alice In Wonderland Characters

Alice In Wonderland Characters

Entertainment of a non-musical variety can also be used during the drinks reception or the photographs.  This can be a really good time to get your guests chatting to one another by giving them a focal point such as a magician or a caricaturist. For something slightly more off-the-wall why not consider a silhouette artist or a living statue? Whilst you’re off having a gazillion photos taken it’s nice to know that your guests are still being entertained and not just hanging around.

If you are a music lover though and want to keep the tunes flowing throughout the whole day you could consider a laid back jazz band or an acoustic duo at this part of the day also.

Entertainment at this part of the day really sets a fantastic tone with your guests and puts them at ease with each other and in the right mood for the evening celebrations.

Crazy Walkabout Idea – Alice in Wonderland Characters

The Alice In Wonderland Characters are brilliant interactive entertainment suitable for Weddings. All The Characters have skills including Fire Performing and Contortionist to add a fantastic touch to any event! Find out more here >>

Current Trends of the Unique Variety

The Balloon Man

The Balloon Man

There are always trends in the entertainment industry and some of the more recent ones for weddings include photo booths, jugglers and stilt walkers, surprise singing waiters and living tables. These are all fantastic ideas to add a touch of your personality to your celebration.

Crazy Current Trend – The Balloon Man

One Brave Man, One Enormous Balloon, One Amazing Show! The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon. A truly original slice of street theatre performed on three continents, laughed at by Royalty, enjoyed by everyone. Find out more here >>

A Big Finalé (Quirky of Course!)

Furious Flames

Fire Performers

For real wow moments many couples hire fireworks. But, why not make it more interactive and hire a fire performer or two… or three… or seven!? Fire performers are happy to meet and greet guests, interact, juggle, fire breath, fire hula hoop and create a fantastic pyrotchnic end to the show (the pyrotechnic ending gives you the feeling of being inside a firework!)… along with banter from the performers, it is fantastic value, and again, something different.

Fire Performers provide a dynamic and powerful act featuring a theatrical and dramatic fire dance breaking into fast, energetic, spectacular fire skills. Find out more here >>

For further unique, unusual and quirky entertainment ideas feel free to call on 0845 643 9384 for a no-obligation chat and quotes.

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