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Entertainment Ideas For Your Themed Wedding

Here at Warble we receive many questions from couples who want to know how they can make their wedding stand out from all the rest, especially if all their friends are getting married at a similar time…

Themed weddings are all the rage these days, and are an amazing way to make your wedding different and interesting. ย The latest trends in weddings and wedding entertainment show that couples want to showcase their own personalities, styles and to also incorporate their favourite things into their celebrations.

Now even though most weddings will carry a loose theme such a ‘vintage’ feel or even something as simple as a colour for a theme, there are also ones that have a more rigid theme such as 80s Rock and Roll, Festival or even something really specific and crazy like a Zombie theme!

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Of course any themed wedding is going to need entertainment to reinforce your theme and make sure your day has a coherent style running throughout.

For example if your wedding has a strong ‘festival’ theme, then you’re going to need some music right? Pop & Rock bands like the fantastic Gentlemen Of The Road are great options to set that festival feeling. You will find that bands these days are more suited to this style of wedding, especially as their song lists are more contemporary and are sure to fill a dance floor!

To make it feel more like a festival and less like a regular gig, add some walkabout and street entertainment to your day and make your wedding the next Glastonbury! These small touches are the difference between your guests really feeling like they are attending a festival or not so they are well worth your attention when thinking about how to plan a festival wedding.


With luck, your winter themed wedding will be blessed with white blankets of beautiful snow and roaring log fires. But to really augment your winter themed wedding then acts such as The Giant Snowglobe can be a real captivating spectacle for the time of year.

Of course winter means Christmas, and Christmas means Santa. The Musical Santas are an amazing winter/christmas act to bring some much needed festive jazz to the occasion.

As well as all things musical there is also have a great selection of walkabout festive entertainment at your disposal. Our 8 foot tall Big Fat Santa will bring the magic of Christmas to your event and fill your guests with that exciting feeling of being small again and waiting to see what Santa brings!


You might choose to take a trip back in time for your wedding and re-live days gone by, in which case you’ll want your guests to feel like they can do this with you!

Authenticity is key here, and luckily we are in a golden age right now where Vintage acts are on top form and really pull out all the stops to revive a bygone era all the way up to present day.

Your band choice is extremely important here, your music should be nostalgic in flavour but still fun. Bands such as The Magnificent Sheiks transform pop and rock hits into a vintage 1920’s jazz sound which can be a perfect mix for a vintage themed wedding. Not only does it sound amazing, it also means a full dance floor – not alienating any guests who wouldn’t be familiar with music that was written in the 1920’s!


Now you would assume that ‘Romance’ should be the theme for all weddings, but you can go a step further and really cement it as a running motif throughout your day.

From the moment you make your big commitment, to your big party at the end of the night, your entertainment will be there to add a dash of elegance and beauty. Both string quartets and harpists are some of the most beautiful musical options you can plump for here, soothing and a wonderful mood setter.

There is also something intimate and charming about the sound of a piano, and it can be a beautiful accompaniment. Oak The Piano plays with a sophisticated, well-crafted touch โ€“ perfect for a romantic theme.

Express Yourself

Remember to be brave when picking your choosing your theme, and choose something that truly represents who you are as a couple! There are so many themes out there you can choose, and it all depends on you as a couple and where your interests lie.

The last thing you want to do is choose a motif just for the sake of wanting to throw a great party. Use entertainment smartly to make your day feel authentic, and cohesive.

If you have any questions about booking entertainment to fit your theme (no matter what it is!), get in touch with our friendly team at Warble and we will be happy to assist you in putting together an amazing set of acts for your day.

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