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10 Bands For Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

A lot has happened in 2016. Andy Murray lifted the Wimbledon trophy, The Great British Bake Off returned to our screens, Leicester City won the Premier League against all the odds and Pokemon Go somehow managed to get millions of gamers outside…

The New Year is approaching rapidly and it’s only a matter of time until we write out our list of meticulously thought out, well-intended New Year’s resolutions, indulging in retrospection, reevaluating our life choices and promising ourselves that we’ll get in shape or eat less chocolate.

One way to achieve this is to indulge in drink, food, fun and party on December 31st so it’s not there to tempt you anymore! That’s how it works, right?

Okay so we’re not the recognised authority on self-improvement advice, but here at Warble we know how to party so listen up! Such a weird and wonderful year needs a proper party send off so without further ado – here are 10 bands to set your New Year’s Eve party alight.


Location – Sussex
Starting from – £1110

These guys are for those of you out there who really enjoy the buzz and energy of a live band, and want your party to be the biggest, loudest and most rocking one this New Year’s Eve.

RIOT! are a real powerful outfit who can create a hell of a lot of noise for a 3-piece.

The Wild Murphy’s

Location – Durham
Starting from – £720

The Wild Murphy’s are self confessed as “purveyors of fine Irish music and quality hangovers since 2005”. I don’t know about you, but a raucous set of traditional and not so traditional Irish tunes and a guaranteed quality hangover to take into the New Year sounds like a proper party!

These guys pull no punches and really fit the bill when it comes to seeing you and your friends through to 2017.

Extra Light

Location – Kent
Starting from – £5000

Leave your guests amazed and add a real spectacle to your end of year party with Extra Light. Created by the band themselves, Extra Light perform with a fully interactive light-up drum kit as their centrepiece, and it looks absolutely amazing. Who knows, they might even let you and your guests have a go on it if you ask nicely enough…

Gentleman Of The Road

Location – Surrey
Starting from – £1360

These guys are real musicians with a fantastic ‘Mumford & Sons’ style sound and a love for what they do. When you book Gentleman Of The Road, you know that you’ll be getting a set full of tunes that everyone knows, delivered with a flawless and authentic performance.

Groove Assailants

Location – London
Starting from – £3500

Groove Assailants are one of the most talented bands available right now, and it’s easy to see why. These guys are veterans at playing well into the night – which is perfect for seeing you into the New Year with a cross-section of old school grooves and original funk that spans decades.

The Heist

Location – Tyne and Wear
Starting from – £1110

A real party band here, and one that pride themselves on putting on a killer performance every time they go out. The Heist’s set is hard hitting and covers a variety of styles and eras, from the 60s up to current day.

The All Stars

Location – Surrey
Starting from – £4800

Make your party an unforgettable one with The All Stars. Fronted with incredibly talented male and female vocals, The All Stars create a visual and audible feast for anyone that will be lucky enough to attend your New Year’s Eve party.


Location – Essex
Starting from – £1200

Now if you want to go big, Brightside are the band for you. Bringing a loud and epic stadium rock sounding set to your party, the energy of this band will turn your celebration into a proper gig!

The Dance Off

Location – Surrey
Starting from – £1800

No New Year’s Eve celebrations are complete without a dance off, right?! This trio from Surrey are hugely entertaining and are one of the most fun bands you can book for the end of 2016.

Here at Warble we love it when a band adds their own twist and style to their set, and The Dance Off are a great example of that.


Location – Essex
Starting from – £3200

45rpm are a full 9-piece band featuring 3 outstanding lead vocalists and some seriously funky grooves! They are guaranteed to get everybody dancing and swept up in their infectious groove.

A perfect option for those of you who want to see your guests up on their feet at your event.

There are plenty of incredible party bands for you to choose from to really get your party started this New Year, but remember to book quickly before someone else snatches them up!

If you need any more advice on how to shape and plan your New Year’s Eve celebrations, contact the friendly team here at Warble and we can help make your party an amazing one.

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