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Looking for your very own ‘Mumford & Sons’ Band?

It’s safe to say that ‘Mumford & Sons’ have had a huge influence on the wedding industry and seem to be everyone’s ideal band for any boho, rustic or country theme wedding. But, what happens when they just happen to be booked on your date? Shame on them first of all, luckily for you though we have a few bands that will be right up your street and are absolute pro’s at making your day one to remember.

The Daggers


This fun bunch of musicians are the perfect chance for you to have a whale of a time with a little hint of ‘Mumford’. We love The Daggers for their energy and passion in making sure you have an amazing wedding party and they are the ultimate choice of band if you are looking for a good mix of tunes.

The Fable


Picture this… The Fable, playing at your country style wedding, next to a fire pit, with a banjo, singing all of your favourite songs, lanterns, happy people and… Oh you could go on for days but the point is, this is a band to be excited about. The 4 lads are based down South and are spot on for any couple looking for a band to fit their festival/country style wedding and you only have to have a quick look to appreciate why. An added bonus of booking The Fable is having the option to mix the night up with an acoustic Mumford & Sons style set to start with followed by an electric set to have you all on your feet. Yes, yes, yes to The Fable.

We Have You Covered

we-have-you-coveredStick an acoustic guitar with an electric one, a set of drums and a superb vocalist with that raspy tone we can’t help but love, and, ‘Hey Presto’… ‘We Have You Covered‘. This is the kind of band that could cover a song you weren’t that keen on and turn it into your favourite tune, not to mention being able to cover ‘Get On Up’ by 5ive and make it sound cool. With the added bonus of always dressing to impress and singing the likes of Johnny Cash, Paolo Nutini and S Club 7, we would give two thumbs up for these guys to add a bit of not-so-traditional-folk to your day.

The Buskers

full_1442915683Just look at them! The Buskers look the part, have the ideal line-up of the traditional folk instruments and they sound a treat. We love these guys for their style and think they would be the cherry on the cake for any boho/country or barn style wedding. The band can be available as a 4 piece, or, if you’re looking for a little funk, the option to add a sax is available and we say ‘go for it!’.

Hope Town

hope-street-bandAfter just a sneak peak of Hope Town‘s profile we think you’ll get the gist of just how perfect they would be for any couple searching for their own Mumford & Sons style band. When hearing the band for ourselves at Warble’s Acoustic Sessions we soon realised they are ones to watch with their incredible sound and busker style performance.

The Cubs

CubsWe can’t let the boys have all of the fun now can we? Go with Beyonce’s style of an all girl line-up with this stunning festival style band. It’s very clear this talented bunch would look incredible performing in a rustic barn or venue and if you’re looking for something a little more modern, the Cubs can perform your favourite and more recent tunes with an electric folk style… These ladies are sure to rock your vintage/ folk / mumfordy / festival / quirky / fun wedding socks off!

The Wolves


Here’s another great idea we just had to share. The Wolves, an upbeat acoustic duo in the form of an Acoustic Guitar, Violin and Percussion – Hey, why not throw in a bit of Mandolin if they’re feeling generous. These guys are the perfect option for those who don’t quite have the budget or even the space for a band but would love to add in some folk style music and a beard. Don’t let the smaller line-up fool you either, they will create enough noise to make sure you and your wedding guests are dancing on the tables and singing your little socks off.

Band of Giants


5 Giants to be exact! The Band of Giants are a Cheshire based band are a cracking choice to blow your barn roof off with 5 band members and 7 instruments, one of them being that funny little thing we call a Banjo. We love their style and with a set list that covers music from the 50s to now, there’s no way you can avoid a good sing a long and a foot stomp with this lot.

There you have it, a handful of modern folk style bands that are the ideal look and sound for any wedding with bales of hay, roof beams or a picturesque country view. And if it’s traditional folk you are looking for… We have plenty of that too.

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