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Summer 2021 Entertainment Ideas!


It’s officially Summer 2021! Monday 21st of June marks the first day of summer for us in the United Kingdom.

Summer is the busiest season for weddings and outdoor events. This is because summer-themed festival style parties and weddings are the most popular of all celebration themes. And rightfully so. Festival themed summer events are awesome!

The team at Warble can not wait to hear back from all our lovely customers regarding how their summer events went. However, if you are still looking for some last-minute summer entertainment, then check out the unique entertainment options that we have available at Warble Entertainment.

In addition, if you are struggling to narrow down your search for entertainment or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Here are some last-minute entertainment ideas that are sure to make any event stand out!


A magician works well to excite guests by keeping them entertained throughout the day. A magician can tailor their performance to your ideal wedding style or theme.

In addition, magicians can move around and interact with guests in a non-invasive way. A magician can get guest talking and laughing. As well as providing lots of memorable moments and wonderful photo opportunities as people react to the magic in front of them.


Image Credit: Clare Tam-Im Photography

Fire Performers!

Now if you are looking to have guests up and on their toes with hands covering their eyes, you need to hire a fire performer!

Adrenaline packed performances like that of Helios – the god of fire is something not to be missed. The element of danger and anticipation will create real excitement for guests.



A caricaturist can work as a great conversation starter for those guests that aren’t too familiar with one another.

Not only does sitting for the drawing break up the day somewhat but sharing the drawing amongst family and friends can be a humorous experience.


Bubble Performers!

If you really want to create a feeling of fascination and wonder, then the bubble performers are the act for you!

The colourful performance can entice any crowd, whatever their age. In other words, children and adults alike will be unable to resist chasing and enjoying this enchanting show.


Trees Alive!

If your feeling like your wedding is missing the thrill and excitement that every wedding should have, then take a look at Trees Alive!

The surprise entertainment will make guests jump with both fear and thrill. This crowd-pleasing act can be themed to tie in with any event theme or style. Because of this, anything is possible for this unique entertainment act.

trees alive


An Ibiza-themed event needs an Ibiza style musician for sure! We have TONS of fantastic live DJs that are sure to get any party started.

Now a good DJ will be able to play your requests and have great lighting and sound. A DJ can quite literally control the atmosphere of the room with just one song, so be sure to pick some good tunes.  


At any event, the last thing you need is children not entertained and uninterested in the party. That’s where the Balloon modellers come in!

Having children’s entertainment tailored towards keeping the kids happy is often forgotten when it comes down to planning the big day. Booking this last-minute addition will keep the kids entertained all day long. Anyway, who doesn’t love a hat made from a balloon?

Image Credit: Clare Tam-Im Photography

Live bands!

A summer event would not be complete without a live band! The energy and shared experience of having a live band perform right in front of you is completely unifying.

Choosing to book a live band can add a personal feel to your party. Because, with a live band you can be original and tailor the soundtrack of the day specifically to your taste.

Band performing at a summer event


Having a saxophonist play at different intervals throughout the day not only breaks the day up, but it creates some personality to parts of the event that often lag. For example, whilst guests are still arriving at the reception, a saxophonist can be playing and keeping guests entertained whilst they wait.

In addition, not only are saxophonist an affordable option for unique entertainment but their performance can entertain all types of guests.

Face Painters!

Whatever the occasion, a professional face painter can offer many designs and can accommodate any theme for your event.

Not only does a face painter keep the children entertained, but face paint can make for some awesome photo opportunities at your event.

Visit the Warble Entertainment website for more entertainment ideas and be sure to check out our Instagram to see all our latest acts!

Featured Photo Credit: Simon Bretteli

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