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6 Entertainment Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Ideas

Seasonal spirit, roaring log fires, Christmas trees and if you’re one of the lucky ones – a wonderful white blanket of snow. Winter can offer a magical and romantic setting to your wedding, and so can the entertainment you choose for it!

So grab a glass of wine, pull up a chair and sit by the fire whilst we warm you with these great ideas for your Winter wedding.

The Giant Snowglobe

Now if you want your wedding to be the talk of the season and seasons to come, The Giant Snowglobe is a must!


Two amazing acrobats encased in Europe’s largest snowglobe perform beautiful and captivating stunts of flexibility, strength and grace. It really is a spectacle not to be missed. Unbelievably stunning in its sheer size and ‘wow’ factor and absolutely perfect in setting the scene for your romantic Winter wedding.

Frozen Theme Singers

The Fantastic Frozen Theme Singers are ideal for anything Winter themed, especially weddings! And especially if you’re a Disney fan – this talented duo have a repertoire to make any Disney lover excited.

Frozen Theme Singers

With custom made dresses the Frozen Theme Singers will perform as characters from the hit movie ‘Frozen’ with incredible vocal ability! And don’t worry, they will only perform “Beauty And The Beast” at your wedding if you really really want them to…

Fire Performers

Fire Performers can add a really exciting and fresh element to your Winter wedding. Heat things up by having them perform in the evening, especially in those dark Winter nights where you can really witness the skilled, death-defying stunts!


Available as solo performers or even as a fiery group, there are many options to choose from if you want to add a dash of pyrotechnics to proceedings.

Magic Ball Juggler

The Magic Ball Juggler can mix and mingle, meet and greet, amaze and mesmerise, all with gravity defying crystal ball illusions! To add a frosty touch to your event, make sure you book The Magic Ball Juggler with ‘The Icicle King’ costume, which is also available as a duo accompanied by a snow princess on the harp.

The Magical Ball Juggler Winter Wedding Entertainment

The Choir Collective

A choir can create a beautiful atmosphere, especially in the Winter season! The Choir Collective have a huge selection of infectious and uplifting songs perfect for your wedding day. They will also perform your favourite Christmas hits and Carols in true gospel fashion if you really want that warm Christmassy Winter feeling at your wedding.

The Choir Collective for Winter Weddings

The Fantasy Peformers

Bring the magic of Winter to life with The Fantasy Performers. Your wedding can be a journey through Winter Wonderland with ‘The Snow King & Queen’ regal stilt walkers that let you create that icy winter ambience. Their costumes have incredible attention to detail, with snowflakes and icicles that will never melt, encrusted with glittering crystals and illuminated by hundreds of glowing white lights! The perfect Winter!

Fantasy Performers for a Winter Wedding

And there you have it, just a small selection of the entertainment options available for your Winter Weddings. For more ways to bring the beauty of the season to your wedding, get in touch today with the friendly team at Warble Entertainment.

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