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7 Best Wedding Dance Routines That We Can’t Stop Watching

The first dance is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding.

Whether couples decide to keep it classic or do something crazy with a bit of a twist, it’s always so much fun to see what brides and grooms come up with for their first dance routines!

This list focuses on those couples who have gone a step further and choreographed something special to get the party started.

We had loads of fun trawling through the top wedding dance routines on YouTube, here are our favourites that we just can’t stop watching!

You might find some inspiration here for your first dance routine as well. If you need help creating special memories for your big day, hit us up. It’s what we do best.

1. Surprise First Dance to Epic Song Mashup

Why pick just one song for your first dance when you can have an awesome mashup of songs?

This wedding dance has everything and is super energetic to spread the good vibes. It looks like it was so much fun to put together and we bet the bride and groom had a blast planning this and working on the choreography to surprise their friends, family and wedding guests!

2. Bride Puts a Spell On Her Magician Groom During First Dance

You may have seen this one before as it did go super viral on YouTube and all over the internet when it first dropped!

This unique first dance routine video has clocked up a whopping 27,688,534 views at the time of writing, and we can see why! Such a cool and original idea for a wedding dance and full of magic.

3. First Dance Inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" Video

Time to get romantic.

This Ed Sheeran inspired first dance routine is cute, adorable, sweet, pure, innocent, and passionate at the same time! You can really tell how in love this couple is as you watch them slow dancing to the music. A really personal and special moment.

4. Dancer Bride Shocks Husband With Her Moves!

We couldn’t help but smile throughout this entire video!

What begins as a traditional first dance routine quickly turns into a huge surprise for the groom as this talented bride busts out some epic moves without him knowing. Great reactions all round and a really cool way to get the party going and have guests smiling.

5. Groomsmen Hiphop Wedding Dance

We’ve watched this so many times now and it just does not get old.

What makes this one of our favourite first dance routines to watch is the interaction amongst the groomsmen and the groom! Everyone here has such great personalities which makes it a joy to see.

6. Segway/Hoverboard First Dance Routine

This dance looks like it was really tricky to pull off so well done to the bride and groom!

Incorporating something unique that guests won’t have seen before into your choreographed wedding dance is a great way of creating something super memorable on your special day.

7. Dirty Dancing Wedding Dance

If this isn’t couple goals, we don’t know what is.

The songs they choose here take you an incredible journey, and they absolutely nail the ending making the dance moves look way easier then they are! Awesome!

We hope our list of epic wedding first dance routines inspires you to pull off something special at your own wedding.

Whether you are planning a traditional choreographed routine, or something unique like a flash mob or having your first dance song performed by a live wedding band, we are here to help.

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