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Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Undercover Singers

Weddings… Not the same traditional affairs they used to be and here at Warble, we LOVE that!

You only have to look at the continuing popularity of Rock’N’Roll Bride Magazine and some of the fantastic ideas inside the pages to see how weddings have changed from traditional formats into something where people are looking for unique wedding entertainment ideas to make their wedding stand out and also reflect their own personalities.

Warble has a range of entertainment ideas that will really help put your own stamp on your big day.

If you’re looking for something for your guests to help break the ice at a suitable point during the day, the thrills of a themed Laser shoot certainly won’t disappoint. Versatile enough to operate inside or outside, during the day or at night, Laser Shooting is a fun and completely safe way to make sure your guests have a blast!

lazer shoot

Perhaps you like the idea of Laser entertainment, but want something a little less interactive? With a performance that can turn any environment into a fully fledged light show to music, The Future Harp is both unique and show-stopping. This act is guaranteed to  be highlight of any evening reception!

Future Harp alternative wedding entertainment

Of course it’s not just during the evening where you can wow your guests. If you’d like to add some humour during your wedding breakfast, then The Silly Waiter will bring some slapstick fun to your meal. Timed to fit between courses, this is a calamitous and hilarious piece of entertainment that gets fantastic feedback from all kinds of events.

The Undercover Singers will provide something a little more discreet to your breakfast… for a little while anyway! Dressed to blend in with the venue staff, up to five performers will become familiar to your guests as staff waiting at tables before a perfectly timed burst into song, which will both surprise and entertain your guests. The performers in Undercover Singers are all theatre performers – perfect for bringing the West End to your wedding.

Undercover Singers

The dinner table is not the only opportunity to surprise your guests. Living Statues can attend your wedding in a number of themed costumes – anything from stone garden statues to members of the Terracotta army! They’re perfect for surprising the unwary by suddenly springing to life and a perfect talking point to any part of the day.

Living Statues

If you’re looking for something completely different, we love the Alice In Wonderland Characters. These are not just immaculately detailed looking portrayals of the Lewis Carroll creations, but also performers with skills that combine together with each character for a unique piece of entertainment. A fire performing Red Queen or a sword-swallowing Mad Hatter, anyone?

Alice In Wonderland Characters

Warble Entertainment has over 2,000 acts and are constantly adding great new performers to the roster, so whatever entertainment you’re thinking of to wow your guests on the big day, Warble are on hand to help!

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