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Funky Bands for the Bruno Mars Lovers

Soul and Motown

So Bruno and Mark went and bagged themselves the ‘Best British Single’ award at The Brits and in honour of their awesome win we’ve put together what we think are the best bands you can get your hips stuck in to. So pull up your braces, find yourself an over-sized blazer and put on your darkest, coolest shades for Warble’s funkiest bunch.

Union Street

Jaelee and the guys have not only been booked for Warble’s own events, but they also performed recently at the British Wedding Awards for the industry’s best suppliers. With a combination of incredible vocals, wicked musicians and some of the best tunes around. Union Street are definitely ones to watch!

One Eye On The Wedding Cake

Warble has had the pleasure of working with this bunch of awesomeness for some time now and we just can’t think why they do so well? Maybe it’s the massive amount of energy they perform with, or it could be the absolute monster of a repertoire they have, or it might just be the incredible sound they make. Who knows but we sure love ’em!


Big band, big vocals and big moves. If Frankenstein made a band, this is what he would come up with. Soulidify are a magical ensemble of musicians with a choice of some of the best vocalists we have heard. We can definitely say anyone in the same room as these guys would be full of funky vibes once they’re done.


Not only do these guys look the part but they sure do match it with their musical talent. The 5 guys have style, smooth moves and some serious vocal skills which have made them a huge hit with us Warblers and party go-ers all over! Fab Leicestershire Soul and Motown band.

Soul Grooves

Now here’s a band who have got the Bruno moves potentially nailed even better than the man himself. With the band’s attention to detail and effortless musicianship they have gone down a storm… The biggest challenge would be to watch their video and tell us you didn’t pull out your best chair dance.

Brandon Mars and the MB’s

Come on? We couldn’t blog about Bruno without showing off our very own tribute to the Hawaiian star. Performing all of his best hits and a taste of old school classics, Brandon and the MB’s kill it with some impressive dance moves, big band and a show you will never forget for all the right reasons!

So there you go, just a handful of Warble’s best movers and groovers but it doesn’t stop there… Warble has tonnes of amazing bands that will blow your minds! Check them out and your hips won’t lie!

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