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Digitial Magic – Modern Day Magicians

Mat Black Magician

There’s no doubt about it, Magicians like Dynamo and Derren Brown made the art of magic very cool again. It’s an art that constantly re-invents itself with the best magicians always adding more complex and up-to-the minute methods to keep audiences mesmerised.

Using the latest technology and what’s around them to wow people is something that a good Magician will always look to do and with smartphones and tablets being everywhere nowadays, it’s a great way for magicians to further impress their subjects.

Mat Black is one of Warble Entertainment’s leading magicians and incorporates digital magic into his act at the many events he performs at every year. “iPhones have now become an integral part of my act” Mat said “Using it to create magic involving coins and other items adds an extra layer to my performance. There’s a whole host of occasions where this type of magic can be used – Weddings and Parties and even Corporate Events or Product Launches where it can be absolutely relevant to a product that might be being promoted. Being able to take an item that people can see digitally on the device and transfer that into a physical item from nothing is a really popular form of magic for me.”

“Using an iPhone is probably preferable to an iPad because I can keep it in my pocket while I perform in a mix and mingle style with guests, however tablets are often used too depending on the event.”

Mat Black Magician for corporate events

Corporate and Trade Shows are proving particularly popular for this type of magic where there are hundreds of stalls all vying for attention and where there’s a real need to add something that will stand out. Digital Magic is clearly proving very popular.

Mat’s not the only Warble magician wowing his guests with the latest technology. Stephen the Magician, one of many Surrey magicians, was selected to appear in a nationwide Samsung campaign to promote their Galaxy range of smartphones and Tablets.

In the advert, Stephen performs street magic on a London street, which involves use of the phone to magic items – including making the phone appear from a magazine advert. The reaction from passers-by in the video shows the effectiveness of bringing the traditional styles of magic together with technical innovation is a concept that will remain popular amongst Magicians and the people that love to be in awe of it.

Like all forms of entertainment , each Magician is different. While not all Magicians have this in their performance routine, Warble Entertainment has some of the UK’s most exciting magicians and can help to find the perfect magician for your event.

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