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Caricaturist Hire Tips

Caricaturist Hire Tips

A caricaturist is an ideal ice breaker at any party or wedding and perfect for attracting attention to your exhibition stand. In addition, not only will a caricaturist entertain your guests and provide a fantastic talking point, but it will also leave them with a memento of your event.

On average a caricaturist is able to complete 10 – 15 caricatures per hour, usually to howls of laughter from the victim’s friends.

Warble caricaturists are happy to work in almost any environment, providing that there is enough light for drawing! They are also happy to work in a stationary position or ‘mix and mingle’ with a portable drawing board with your guests.

FAQS for Caricaturist Bookings:

  • A caricaturist will on average manage between 10 – 15 caricatures per hour. So, think about the number of guests you have and how many caricatures you would ideally like completing.
  • Adequate light is also required so make sure a well lit area is provided.
  • In addition, if you are looking to have the caricaturist seated in a stationary position, make sure there is enough space to fit the artist, easel, victim and sniggering onlookers.

Warble Entertainment represents professional and outstanding caricaturists throughout the UK. So, you can rest assured that when hire a caricaturist with Warble your event will be one for you and your guests to remember!

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