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14 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas To Break The News

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

After getting over the initial excitement of being proposed to (and ultimately saying ‘yes’ of course), you’ll no doubt be thinking about how you’re going to share your new relationship status with a big announcement on social media or in person!

It’s tempting to jump the gun and just start telling everyone you know about the exciting news, but a creative engagement announcement either on a social media post or otherwise can be a great way to tell your love story.

Here are some fun and unique engagement announcement ideas that you can use today!

1. Share a Snap of Your Engagement Ring

A simple ring photo might not sound like the most creative engagement announcement photo, but it is the most effective way to spread the news quickly and easily!

Instead of overthinking it, why not just show a classic shot of the ring itself? All you need is a good manicure and a camera at the ready. Something perfect to share with your family and closest friends.

It’s up to you whether you include a selfie of yourself as the happy couple with your ring in the shot, or just the ring! As long as you’re smiling and together, your friends and family will be able to sense your newly engaged bliss through the screen.

2. Scrabble Letters

We think the trend of using scrabble letters to spell out your happy news is a great idea.

You don’t have to be amazing at scrabble to pull this off but it’s even better when everyone knows yourself and your other half as board game connoisseurs!

Bonus points if you are able to incorporate the ring in place of the letter ‘O’!

It’s also one of the creative ways to show off your new bling without wearing it!

3. Involve The Family

Not everyone’s engagement is between just two people so why not include family members in your announcement?

Bring along your children to your photoshoot, with them wearing a cute t-shirt or with them holding a chalkboard sign to announce the amazing news!

This is a wonderful way to include more people in your engagement announcement and can make for awesome memories as you try out different photo poses.

4. Get Pets Involved

We know that many people use their pets for the engagement itself but it’s even sweeter when your furry best friend gets to announce that engagement to the world as well.

Have your beloved four-legged pal hold up a sign saying “My humans are getting married” or have a personalized collar tag written for a sweet photo shoot with your pet.

Posts like this perform really well in the digital age! Cats, dogs and any other furry friend is sure to get some likes and shares on social media!

dog wedding ring

5. A Proposal Highlight Video Reel

If you have had an engagement photographer at your proposal to capture every moment, then why not ask for them to create a video of all of the engagement photos combined.

This way you will have a magical story from before, during, and after the special moment.

People love to watch videos on social media and you can even have a shortened version for TikTok or Instagram Reels if you are to announce your engagement on there too.

6. Personalised Engagement Mug

You can show off your amazing ring and announce your exciting news with a personalised mug!

Style it with bold colours and glitter if you want more of an out-there announcement or keep it simple with a gorgeous and stylish black font.

Either of these ideas is perfect for those couples who don’t want to share too many details about their engagement, but are looking for a different way to announce their engagement on social media.

7. Host a Zoom Party

These days, it’s difficult to get everyone in one place.

If you want to announce your engagement to close friends and family before announcing it to the world on social media, why not host a private Zoom party by invitation only?

This is a really cute engagement announcement idea that is really personal. Your friends and family will appreciate the personal touch and will feel honoured that they were among the first to know that you are now an engaged couple!

8. Get Festive With A Custom Engagement Bauble

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding or even had a Christmas proposal, you can share photos of a personalised bauble featuring your wedding date!

This can be a more subtle way of announcing your engagement online.

An engagement announcement photo doesn’t have to always feature much information at all! Sometimes less is more and you can let people figure it out for themselves with the clues in the picture.

9. Movie Theater Engagement Announcement

This is a great idea if you want the whole world to know that you are getting married.

Make a deal with your local theater and have displayed on the film board what date you are getting married or what date you got engaged!

This one is for real movie buffs and is a super cute idea if it is a passion you share together!

10. Horror Movie Engagement Announcement

Horror movie lovers unite!

Replicate scenes from your favourite horror flick and end them with you showing off your engagement ring (covered in fake blood or not, your choice!).

Anything goes here. Zombie apocalypse, being chased by a murderer, whatever you want!

Jason Voorhees eat your heart out.

11. Pose With a Cute Quote Board

Let people know your secret with a corkboard or lightbox, spelling out that you’re engaged.

Try different quotes such as “Say goodbye to Miss and say hello to Mrs” or “My hand feels heavier today… I wonder why!”.

There are loads of funny and unique engagement announcement quotes you can use here! You can choose to be romantic or silly, depending on your vibe as a couple!

12. Get A Tattoo

Commitment is an understatement.

Get the date of your proposal or your wedding date to be tatted on yourself!

Why not make it even more cryptic by putting the dates in roman numerals? This is one of the more creative engagement announcement ideas out there, but it definitely takes some confidence to pull off!

It’s certainly easier if you already have some tattoos. This one will have real meaning to add to your collection.

Make your friends and family work to find out the great news!

13. Share a Shot of The Moment

This way of announcing your engagement is perfect for those who had secret photographers taking shots of the actual proposal.

Use your favourite of the bunch to post on social media or to send to your friends and family.

You might just end up with the perfect photo showing off happy tears and the actual moment in all it’s glory!

Man makes a marriage proposal on romantic picnic in summer field. Junket of man and woman, happy moments

14. Professional Photoshoot

You can always have a special engagement shoot to reveal the big news.

Take plenty of professional photos and you will have your own beautiful proposal story to share with your loved ones!

A lot of couples love doing this and use the same engagement photographer as their wedding photographer on their big day. It’s a great way of getting to know your photographer before your actual wedding day!

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