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How Long Do Wedding Bands Play For?

Live music. The heartbeat of your wedding day! It’s the secret ingredient that takes your celebration from ordinary to extraordinary. As your wedding band is preparing to unleash its musical magic, timing is everything.

Get ready to discover why the right performance times are key to creating an unforgettable reception that will have your guests dancing the night away, and how long a typical wedding band play for.

Typical Performance Times for a Wedding Band

So, you’re ready to rock your wedding day with a live band that’ll blow your socks off? Well, get ready to dance your heart out! Most wedding bands are geared up to deliver a stellar performance that spans over a couple of hours. They’ll have you and your guests grooving for either 2×60 minute sets or 3×40 minute sets, spread out over a jam-packed 3-4 hour period.

That’s right! They’ll be strumming, drumming, and belting out those unforgettable tunes to keep the party alive. Two hours of live music is tried-and-true, giving you and your guests ample time to soak up the music, catch your breath, and dive back into the electric energy on the dance floor.

As the leading bands for hire experts in the UK, we recommend 2×60 minute sets over 3×40 minute sets during your evening reception.

What Time Will The Band Arrive?

Typically, bands will rock up at your wedding venue around 5:30-6pm, right after your wedding breakfast and speeches have wrapped up. It’s all about giving them enough time to work their magic. You see, they need to set up their gear, get those sound levels just right, and make sure every instrument is primed to perfection.

This process, known as the sound check, ensures that every beat, strum, and note will sound incredible throughout the evening! Band sound checks and setup usually take around 60-90 minutes, depending on the band’s size and the complexity of their setup.

To make things smooth sailing, it’s a great idea to usher your guests outside or into the bar area whilst they get sound checked. That way, your band members can work their magic without any distractions, manage any noise restrictions at your chosen venue, and when they’re ready to hit the stage, they’ll deliver a mind-blowing performance that will have you and your guests dancing the night away!

What Time Would A Live Wedding Band Start Playing?

While you might be itching to have the band playing as soon as possible, it’s advisable to wait until around 8.30-9pm to kickstart your wedding reception in style. By this time, your guests will have had a chance to mingle with the evening arrivals and work up an appetite for some serious moves.

Starting too early risks catching your loved ones just after they’ve devoured a delectable feast, which may dampen the dance floor spirit! Plus, by waiting a little, you’ll build anticipation, setting the stage for an electric atmosphere that only grows as the night unfolds.

Now, here’s an idea to make that moment even more magical: have your band learn your first dance song and perform it live. The spotlight hits you, your partner, and the band starts playing your special song. It’s an enchanting way to open the evening entertainment, and as soon as the final note fades, the band seamlessly dives into their first set, launching your wedding party into full swing!

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How Many Songs Will a Wedding Band Play?

When it comes to how many songs a wedding band will play, you can expect to hear around 15-20 songs per hour. But get ready to be blown away by their extensive repertoire. The beauty of hiring a live band is their versatility and ability to tailor their performance to your needs. They can serenade you and your guests during the drinks reception or wedding breakfast, setting the perfect ambiance for those cherished moments.

But that’s just the beginning! When it’s time for the main event, the wedding ceremony, most bands will offer a special selection of songs to accompany your vows and make that moment even more unforgettable. And when the evening celebrations kick into high gear, brace yourselves for an incredible showcase of musical talent.

Most bands will provide a set or two that will have you dancing the night away, and if you want even more value, they can offer additional sets to keep the party rocking. In fact, some bands can provide music for the entire day, ensuring that every part of your wedding—from the drinks reception to the wedding breakfast and beyond—is accompanied by melodies that fit the mood and elevate the atmosphere. Consider acoustic wedding bands, wedding singers, wedding guitarists and more.

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What Happens Before, Between & After Live Sets?

Get ready for a seamless flow of music that keeps the party vibes alive before, between, and after live sets! Before the live sets kick off, you can expect the party band to arrive early to set up their gear and conduct a soundcheck, ensuring that every note resonates with perfection. Once the band has played their hearts out and you’re catching your breath, fear not! Most bands have you covered with a DJ service as part of their package.

This means that when the live sets wrap up, the music doesn’t stop. The DJ takes the reins, keeping the beats pumping and the dance floor buzzing. It’s the perfect transition that ensures there’s never a dull moment. So, whether it’s a smooth transition between sets, a chance for the band to recharge, or keeping the vibes going after the live performance, you can trust that the party will continue with an energy that’s simply electrifying.

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