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Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell
Location Gloucestershire
Starting from POA

Andrew Maxwell is more than a stand up comedian - he is an intrepid social commentator and political protagonist on a mission to liberate minds with the power of comedy. Born from the bloodlines of two street preaching Grandfathers in the heart of Dublin, the passion to speak out has always been rich in his veins and this is most evident when he's in front of an audience. Renowned for his sharp, fast paced streams of consciousness and well observed retort, Maxwell builds the crowd by challenging the controversial or taboo. He engages any audience he faces with a myriad of subjects and lures them into his riotous world. Warm up slots on the hottest TV shows Jonathan Ross, Johnny Vaughan and 'They Think It’s all Over' soon followed. Aside from that Andrew is renowned as an all round nice guy and now you're more likely to catch him in front of the camera as his own TV career takes off.

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