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How To Choose Your Entertainment

  • Firstly decide how you would like the performance - ambient background to create an atmosphere or the wow factor of an energetic feature performance.

Feature Performance

  • A captivating and exciting stage show designed to make your event one to remember. Tightly choreographed to music, there are feature shows suitable for all types of event from weddings and garden parties to corporate events. The show will last between 5 to 30 minutes depending on the number of performers booked. A sound system can be supplied for up to 400 guests.

Ambient Performance

  • Ambient performances will keep your guests entertained as a background or meet and greet act. These freestyle shows work well for entertaining waiting or entering guests, or during drinks receptions before dinner is served. Ambient performances run at a slower pace than feature performances and are not usually performed to music so that the show does not interfere with music at your event. However if you would like the performers to supply music please ask. 

Decide how long you would like the show. The longer the show, the more performers will be needed. 

Feature Performances available:

  • Solo fire performance: 5-8 minutes
  • Duo fire performance: 10-15 minutes
  • Trio fire performance: 15-20 minutes
  • Group fire performance: 20-25 minutes

Exact length of shows depends on act booked and performer availability. All shows are fully choreographed to music. 

Ambient, freestyle performances available:

  • Duo ambient performance: 30 minutes
  • Trio ambient performance: 40 minutes
  • 4 and 5 person ambient performance: 45 to 60 minutes

If you have chosen a Feature Performance, decide if you would like even more of a spectacle by adding in special effects. These include extra large flames, sparkle fire and pyrotechnics. 

Performance Schedule

Feature Performance (choreographed stage show):

  •  5 to 25 Minutes - Dependent on number of performers and act booked

Ambient Performance (freestyle, background):

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on number of performers booked

Choreographed stage shows available:

  • Solo fire performance: 5-8 minutes
  • Duo fire performance: 10-15 minutes
  • Trio fire performance: 15-20 minutes
  • Group fire performance: 20-25 minutes

Lengths of shows depend on act booked. All shows are to music. Most acts include optional special effects and pyrotechnic finale.

Ambient, freestyle shows are available:

  • Duo ambient performance: 30 minutes
  • Trio ambient performance: 40 minutes
  • 4 and 5 person ambient performance: 45 to 60 minutes

1 Reviews

Top reviews

Lt. Col Adam Foley

Event: Military Event
Location: Suffolk

Flow Fire performed as the opening act at the Headquarters Royal Engineers Officers’ Mess Fire & Ice Winter Ball. What a way to start an evening, they were phenomenal, our 200 guests were captivated. Erin and her team are extremely professional, talented and captivating performers, we will book them again. If you want a unique experience at any event I highly recommend Flow Fire, A Five star act.


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £480
    • Norfolk £480
    • Norwich £480
    • Suffolk £480
    East Midlands
    • Derbyshire £540
    • Leicestershire £540
    • Lincolnshire £540
    • Northamptonshire £540
    • Nottinghamshire £540
    • Rutland £540
    Foreign Locations
    • Europe £960
    • Rest of the world £1200
    North East
    • Durham £960
    • East Yorkshire £960
    • Leeds £960
    • North Yorkshire £960
    • Northumberland £960
    • South Yorkshire £960
    • Tyne and Wear £960
    • West Yorkshire £960
    • Yorkshire £960
    North West
    • Cheshire £840
    • Cumbria £840
    • Lancashire £840
    • Liverpool £840
    • Manchester £840
    • Merseyside £840
    • Aberdeen £1200
    • Ayrshire £1080
    • Dumfriesshire £1080
    • Dundee £1200
    • East Lothian £1080
    • Edinburgh £1080
    • Fife £1080
    • Glasgow £1080
    • Inverness £1320
    • Lanarkshire £1080
    • Midlothian £1080
    • Perth £1200
    • Stirlingshire £1080
    • Sutherland £1080
    • West Lothian £1080
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £600
    • Berkshire £720
    • Buckinghamshire £660
    • East Sussex £720
    • Essex £480
    • Hampshire £720
    • Hertfordshire £840
    • Isle of Wight £720
    • Kent £660
    • London £600
    • Middlesex £600
    • Oxfordshire £840
    • Surrey £720
    • Sussex £720
    • West Sussex £720
    South West
    • Bath £840
    • Bristol £840
    • Cornwall £960
    • Devon £840
    • Dorset £840
    • Somerset £720
    • Wiltshire £840
    • Anglesey £960
    • Brecon £960
    • Caernarvonshire £960
    • Cardiff £960
    • Cardigan £960
    • Carmarthen £960
    • Denbigh £960
    • Flint £960
    • Glamorgan £960
    • Monmouth £960
    • Pembroke £960
    • Wrexham £960
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £720
    • Gloucestershire £840
    • Herefordshire £840
    • Shropshire £840
    • Staffordshire £840
    • Warwickshire £840
    • Worcestershire £840

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    Do you need to visit the site for the Risk Assessment prior to the performance date?
    No, but it would be useful if you could provide photos of the venue and proposed stage area as well as a detailed completion of the Performance Area Questions which is made available once an estimate has been accepted.

    How early before a performance do you need to arrive at a venue?
    Performers arrive 2 hours before the scheduled performance start time to set up for the show. 

    How does weather affect performances?
    For both performer and audience safety, fire cannot be performed in strong winds. Fire can be performed in the rain but heavy rain becomes a safety concern as performers cannot see clearly. Audience enjoyment must be taken into consideration in the event of bad weather but performers will do everything possible to ensure the show happens. This may mean an earlier or later show if that suits the client.

    Do you perform indoors?
    Yes, Flow Fire do indoor performances. Use of fire depends on the venue. Flow Fire will ask for comprehensive details about the venue to ensure it is safe to use fire inside.

    How long do the performances last? 
    There are a variety of different length shows with different numbers of performers. More performers means longer shows. Solo stage shows range from 5 to 8 minutes whereas group stage shows range from 20 to 25 minutes. If you would like longer fire shows then perhaps an ambient freestyle performance would suit your event. In that case performances last from between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of performers.

    What are your prices?
    Prices depend on the number of performers and the location of the show. Prices shown are an estimate for a solo performance in each location. These are a guide only. Actual prices will be quoted when the event details are known. 

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