Gabriele the Handpan Player

Gabriele the Handpan Player

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Location London
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Gabriele plays the 'handpan', one of the rarest instruments in the world. An ethereal, enchanting and original sound.

  • Highlights
  • International touring experience
  • Unique, original and musically gorgeous performances with a beautiful visual impact
  • Handpan can be amplified when played in larger spaces


Originally invented in Switzerland in the year 2000, this sound sculpture has been researched and developed, refined and tuned to produce an immaculate sound and truly memorable experience both in playing and listening.

Gabriele’s performances with the handpan are unique, original and musically gorgeous with a beautiful visual impact. Its sound combines perfect melody and rhythm, is tuneful, clean and directly affects the soul of the listener.

From Italy to Australia, his hypnotic handpan improvisations are guaranteed to captivate audiences and get people talking far and wide.


  • Joyful Dawn
  • Full Moon Marathon
  • The Harvest
  • April
  • Remembering The Rains
  • Patterns
  • Improvisation

  • Solo Handpan Player

2 Reviews

Top reviews

Ronel Verwoerd - The Natural History Museum

Event: Public Event
Location: London

Gabriele was a wonderful addition to our event - he played beautifully and had a lovely sensitive way of interacting with our young visitors, inviting them to play along.

Rachel Lenny

Event: Corporate
Location: London

Gabriele absolutely made our event in the menswear department. It was so different, and gave such a unique magical atmosphere. He was really great with our guests too, engaging with them and answering their questions about his music. We'd highly recommend him!


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    South East
    • London £248

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    Is the handpan an acoustic instrument?
    Yes, it is similar to a steel drum but is played with the hands. If the venue or event needs some extra volume, the handpan can be amplified with a microphone to raise the volume.

    Do you use background music during your performance?
    No, everything is played live through the handpan.

    What size of venue can you play?
    Any size, as the handpan can be amplified, all venues can be accomodated.

    How much time do you need to set up?
    About 20 minutes just to get setup and check out the acoustics of the venue etc.

    How much space do you need to play?
    1.5 square meters (it's just me and my handpan!).

    Do you perform outdoors?
    Yes I do, I can't play under the rain or under the direct sun due to the handpan being made of steel, so as long as there is some cover for adverse weather, no problem at all.

    Are you able to play during our wedding ceremony as well as during the afternoon drinks?
    Yes of course, please mention at the time of enquiry so that the quote can be tailored accordingly.


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