Photon Glow Show

Location Bristol
Starting from £2,340.00
3 reviews
Location Bristol
Starting from £2,340.00
Read 3 reviews

Ideal for indoor venues and evening events, The Photon Glow show will amaze and delight audiences with its huge range of spectacles: from the Laser Animation System to graceful UV flags and high impact LED hoop cubes!

This two person 10 minute show is performed in custom-made Glow suits, programmed to 0.01 of a second, that allows them to react to the glow performer and music to create a stunning visual feast.

Logo, short messages or images can be added to lasers and props to create a stunning visual effect (see images).

Watch Photon Glow Show

Watch Photon Glow Show

Photon Glow Show

Number of Reviews and Counting... 3!

From the laser animation system to graceful UV flags and high-impact LED hoop cubes! This two-person 10-minute show is performed in custom-made glow suits, programmed to 0.01 of a second, allowing them to react to the glow performer and music to create a stunning visual feast.

Logos, short messages or images can be added to lasers and props to create a stunning visual effect (see images).

The Photon Glow Show show has been developed to take a fresh look into the potential of a glow show and to integrate new and cutting edge technologies into the art of glow juggling.

The show integrates a laser animation system, UV lights, glow props and LED costumes with performers' movements and glow juggling skills to create a show bigger than the sum of its parts.

The overall aim of this show is to create a fun, high impact show that leaves the audience in awe!

The prices quoted are for the basic two person glow show, without glow suits, but you may add glowsuits, pixel poi with programmable logos, messages and images, and even RGB laser animations for a small additional fee.

If you want an even more high impact show, Photon Glow can add extra performers with unique choreographed routines to really make your event stand out.

, Corporate, Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Performance was really energetic and the perfect way to start our awards ceremony. I'd certainly recommend including company logos where possible as it's a good crowd pleaser. Thanks again!

, Private Party, Leicestershire

I would like to say how amazingly impressed the client and I were on the night. The show really took the event up to the next level and got everyone out of their seats dancing. I would highly recommend this event to anyone and we will definitely be booking again for future clients. I absolutely loved this act!

, University Event, Manchester

The Photon Glow Show provided a new dimension to our event. This act created a fun and captivating atmosphere. Many thanks!

How long is the show and how many performers are in it?
The show is up to 10 minutes long and can have between 2 and 4 performers depending on how how high impact you would like the show to be

Can I get my logo and branding into the show?
Yes! provided you book in time, we can write your logo in the air with lasers and create laser animations based around your branding. We can also add your branding to our props giving you two powerful opportunites to get your message heard.

I love the idea but I'm organising a wedding / birthday... not a corporate event...
Do not fear we've tailored this show for weddings, birthdays and juggling conventions! Tell us a few details about your event and we'll create personalised animations just for you.

How dark do I need to make the venue?
The darker the better! This show looks great in ambient light but even better in a full black out.

Do I need to supply a special power point for your lights?
No, we can run everything off one standard 13A British socket as long as it's within 50m of the performance area!

Can you bring your own sound system?
Yes, our sound system is perfectly adequate for any audience up to 1000 people.

Can this show be performed outside?
No I'm afraid our kit is too sensitive to moisture, why not look into getting a fire show for outdoor events? 

  • Full show lasts 10 minutes but can be shortened on request
  • Meet and greet performances also available to make the most out of the multi skilled performers
  • Optional extras include glow suits, RGB lasers and additional performers

Please Note: The fees indicated below are approximate and based on a central location for each county. They are intended to provide a rough guide only and exact quotes can only be given once the date and exact location of your event have been provided.


Aberdeen £3,960.00 Inverness £3,960.00 Perth £3,960.00 Sutherland £3,960.00 Ayrshire £3,960.00 Fife £3,960.00 Stirlingshire £3,960.00 West Lothian £3,960.00 Dumfries-shire £3,960.00 East Lothian £3,960.00 Lanarkshire £3,960.00 Midlothian £3,960.00 Glasgow £3,960.00 Edinburgh £3,960.00 Dundee £3,960.00

Foreign Locations

Europe £3,600.00 Rest of the world £3,600.00

North East

Durham £2,940.00 Northumberland £2,940.00 North Yorkshire £2,940.00 South Yorkshire £2,940.00 Tyne and Wear £2,940.00 West Yorkshire £2,940.00 Yorkshire £2,940.00 East Yorkshire £2,940.00 Leeds £2,940.00

North West

Cheshire £2,580.00 Cumbria £2,580.00 Manchester £2,520.00 Lancashire £2,580.00 Merseyside £2,580.00 Liverpool £2,580.00

East Midlands

Derbyshire £2,520.00 Leicestershire £2,520.00 Lincolnshire £2,520.00 Northamptonshire £2,520.00 Nottinghamshire £2,520.00 Rutland £2,520.00


Cambridgeshire £2,520.00 Norfolk £2,580.00 Suffolk £2,580.00 Norwich £2,580.00


Anglesey £2,580.00 Caernarvonshire £2,580.00 Denbigh £2,520.00 Flint £2,520.00 Cardigan £2,520.00 Brecon £2,400.00 Carmarthen £2,400.00 Glamorgan £2,400.00 Monmouth £2,400.00 Pembroke £2,400.00 Wrexham £2,400.00 Cardiff £2,400.00

West Midlands

Gloucestershire £2,400.00 Herefordshire £2,400.00 Shropshire £2,400.00 Staffordshire £2,400.00 Warwickshire £2,400.00 Worcestershire £2,400.00 Birmingham £2,460.00

South East

Bedfordshire £2,460.00 Berkshire £2,460.00 Buckinghamshire £2,460.00 East Sussex £2,460.00 Essex £2,460.00 Hampshire £2,460.00 Hertfordshire £2,460.00 Isle of Wight £2,460.00 Kent £2,520.00 Oxfordshire £2,400.00 Surrey £2,400.00 Sussex £2,400.00 West Sussex £2,400.00 London £2,460.00 Middlesex £2,460.00

South West

Cornwall £2,520.00 Devon £2,400.00 Dorset £2,400.00 Somerset £2,400.00 Wiltshire £2,400.00 Bath £2,340.00 Bristol £2,340.00
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