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11 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

bridesmaid proposal

Looking for some fun ways to get your girls to join the bride tribe?

Bridesmaid proposals are becoming more and more popular as people look for different ways to recruit their besties to team bride.

Putting together your bridal party has to be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Of course, you could simply just make a list of your bridesmaids and send them a message on WhatsApp… but where’s the fun in that?

Your bridesmaids are important. They are right there with you and will help you throughout the wedding journey!

We’re here to help you make your bridesmaids feel amazing and special, just like you did when you were first engaged! Your bridesmaid proposal should be unique to the bridesmaid, creative, and fun!

Whether you choose to get bridesmaid proposal gifts, ask each bridesmaid individually, or do something unique for each one, here are some cool bridesmaid proposal ideas so you can complete your squad ūüôĆ

1. Personalized PJs

Get comfy with personalized pajama sets for each of the bridesmaids.

Your girls can feel comfortable wearing these customized PJs as they prepare for their marriage as well!

The best part about getting clothing such as pajamas, sweatshirts or dressing gowns is the opportunity to include your future bridesmaid’s names on the back! Get together for a girls night and take a bride tribe squad selfie in your PJs so everyone can see you in all your glory!

2. Wine or Champagne Gift With Custom Label

Keep things simple with a sentimental gift along with a personalized message on the label!

You can even purchase some champagne flutes to go alone with your bridesmaid proposal gift when you pop the question. Think about who you are buying for and what kind of drink they like.

Obviously you could just buy some wine and send a bridesmaid card with a heartfelt note, but a much more memorable creative option is to print your thoughtful proposal message on the label for extra impact. It also makes the bottle a perfect keepsake for the bridal crew to remember.

3. Celebrity Lookalike Shout-Outs

Is there really a more creative way to propose to your future bridesmaids? A trend over the last few years has been using celebrities for personal shoutouts with birthdays, and more.

But what if you can’t get your favourite celebrity? What if Gordon Ramsay or The Queen don’t have a cameo account?

This is where using celebrity lookalikes can be a really unique bridesmaid proposal idea. Why not book personalized shout-outs from famous celebrity lookalikes to really surprise your besties!

4. Personalized Bracelet

Personalized bridesmaid proposal gifts make for a lovely keepsake for your bridesmaids to be.

Best friends deserve BFF bracelets anyway! But this time, it comes with your own message when you propose to your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid proposal gifts must be as helpful as thoughtful, and we think a pretty bracelet ticks all the boxes here. You can match them to your colour theme or even have a bride tribe hashtag or squad name printed on the bracelet! Alternatively, keep it simple and have each one personalized with the initials of each bridesmaid to be.

Credit: Ellie Ellie

5. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle

We covered a similar idea on our marriage proposal ideas blog, but why not use a crossword puzzle or jigsaw with a secret proposal message included when they complete it?

This one is definitely a unique way to pop the question and is a really creative bridesmaid proposal idea to complete team bride!

This one is great if your soon-to-be bridesmaids like a challenge! Test their brainiac skills with a unique jigsaw puzzle, scavenger hunt, or crossword.

Credit: DinkiBelle

6. Online Caricature Party

Zoom parties and online virtual entertainment became really popular from 2020 (for obvious reasons!), and it spawned some really unique gift ideas and experiences.

One of our favourite bridesmaid proposal ideas is to host an online caricature party with your best friends!

Let your caricaturist know in advance what you are planning to do and you could draw your proposal within your caricature, live on Zoom or Skype!

7. Singing Flash Mob Proposal

Okay, so this one is if you really want to make a big impression.

Did you know you can hire flash mob singing waiters and performers like surprise beatboxers to crash your party and provide something special?

You could totally hire an acoustic singer or any other performer to come and take your future bridesmaids by surprise and propose to them in a really cool and unique way with live music!

8. Escape Room Proposal

If you haven’t done an escape room before for a girl’s night out, you really need to have a go.

They are so much fun and they offer a super creative way to pop the question to all your future bridesmaids at once!

An escape room weaves many puzzles and opportunities that could ultimately lead up to the big moment where you finally pop the question. Let the staff at your chosen escape room know what you are planning ahead of time so you can plan the perfect bridesmaid proposal.

9. Send Flowers

If you want to make your future bridesmaids feel special, sending flowers is a really nice and thoughtful touch when it comes to a bridesmaid proposal.

Recruiting for your bridal party can be such an awesome and emotional moment.

Have that emotion heightened even further by going the extra mile and sending flowers to their doorstep with a personalized note from yourself inviting them to team bride!

10. Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

If you really aren’t sure what to do, a gift box or hamper packed with a bunch of different bridesmaid proposal gifts is a great idea.

A bridesmaid proposal box doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily invite your girls to team bride and include some nice smaller gifts in the box for everyone.

Gifts like hair ties, a scented candle, personalized makeup bag, nail polish, silk sleep masks for that all-important beauty sleep, a tote bag, and more are awesome inclusions for a bridesmaid gift box.

Credit: PaoloBrownShop

11. Scratch Card Proposal

Congratulations, you have won!

There is something about scratch cards that is super satisfying. Even more so when you win something, of course.

Instead of the standard bridesmaid proposal card that has been done a million times before, turn that bridesmaid proposal card into a custom-made scratch card that reveals your proposal to potential bridal party members!

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