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Wedding Entertainment From Around The World

In 2018, your wedding day is hailed not only as the most important and memorable day in your life, but the most fun too. With their wedding looming, many brides and grooms are choosing to opt for a wedding theme or entertainment option that’s significant to them – ensuring that their day is remembered by guests for years to come.

In today’s post, we’re leaving no stone unturned in our global pursuit of the world’s most exciting wedding entertainment. From a traditional night of belly dancing in the Middle East to log cutting nuptials born in the heart of Europe, we’ll bring you an insight into some of the very best wedding entertainment from all over the world – and how incredible a traditional celebration can be.

South America

We begin our global search in the motherland of carnival – South America. Known for its vivid colours, undeniable passion and extravagant personalities, this wonderful nation knows exactly how to do a wedding.

A timeless wedding tradition (which also accounts for a considerable amount of pre-wedding entertainment) in Brazil requires the groom-to-be to show his worth, love and care for his prospective bride by taking on the task of donkey taming. If tamed successfully, the groom is acquitted of his boyhood and is deemed responsible enough to look after his new wife.

Middle East

Next stop on our round the world wedding tour guide is the luxurious and historically rich region within the west of Asia – the middle east. This predominantly Muslim area is filled with bespoke wedding rituals and exciting entertainment that honours the union of two people entering a new life together celebrated by their faith.

In Lebanon, a team of dancers dressed in lavish fabrics and jewelled headdresses welcome the newlywed couple into their reception in a cultural dance called the Lebanese Zaffe. In most cases, the brides – who are likely to be dressed in gorgeous silks and matching hijabs – are carried on the shoulders of the dancers as they enter the surrounding party to celebrate with their guests and husband before parting ways into separate, gender-specific halls.


Recognised for its diversity, and admired for its multiple unique customs, the Asian continent has a whole host of wedding traditions that are sure to impress.

Our Asian entertainment exploration takes us to the south of the continent, India, where the bride’s sisters are given free reign to play a trick on the groom on his wedding day by finding the perfect opportunity to steal his shoes upon his arrival into the wedding tent. In return for his miscellaneous shoes, the groom is required to bribe his new wife’s sisters – ensuring his new sister-in-laws are kept happy while the couple’s guests watch on and laugh at the playful antics.


Separated by the English Channel, a warmer climate and a few wedding traditions, our easterly neighbours know a thing or two about incorporating impressive wedding customs into their own unique ceremonies.

To find out exactly what we mean, we’re looking to mother of the hot dog, Germany, where the ancient act of log cutting becomes what the newlyweds describe as a ‘test’, while their audience cheers them – guaranteed evening entertainment. Just after the ceremony, the new couple saws a log in half to display their commitment and ability to work together in order to set them up for a lifetime of overcoming issues.

For many in the UK, a traditional white wedding filled with late night dancing and a live band playing you into your favourite, first-dance song is every bride and groom to be’s ultimate dream. Different countries celebrate different dreams – from shoe-stealing in India to entering your reception on the shoulders of cultural dancers in Lebanon, whatever your entertainment of choice is, adding your own personal twist onto an already fun and memorable occasion will make you and your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

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